How it all began

Isaac & NextPDT

Next Pattern Day trader was created with focus on its members first. For the first few years of my trading career I had a very hard time finding a successful platform from which I can learn the key technical dexterity to create a consistent technical analysis system.  This system sole purpose is to give you an edge on the markets. This edge operates in probabilities, in which an outcome(s) happens over another. 

Next Pattern Day Trader offers its members with a complete learning lecture on our technical analysis system. The course is designed to enhance its members learning experience with organization of lessons for efficient study, and quizzes for retention of information.  

Our trading philosophy

With our years of experience we have come to the conclusion that price action is king. Sure fundamental play a role but price is is the leading indicator when it comes to actively trading the markets.

We use price action along with technical analysis to give us the edge on the markets. Our technical analysis system is solely for giving us an edge is the markets where we can predict future price movement. That edge provides us with a higher probability of  a trade being successful. 

Trade & Execute with confidence