Last updated September 4th , 2023


Trial Period

The trial membership includes a limited access period as specified during the registration process. This period is provided at our discretion and may be subject to change without notice.

Membership Benefits

During the trial period, you will have access to certain features and content of our website. The specific benefits and limitations of the trial membership will be outlined during the registration process and may vary based on your location and our discretion.

 Billing and Payment

a. The 3 day trial membership is offered for free  during the trial period. b. If you do not cancel your trial membership before the end of the trial period, you may be automatically enrolled in a paid membership plan, and your provided payment method will be charged according to the terms and pricing disclosed during the registration process. c. We reserve the right to modify the trial membership pricing and terms at any time, but any changes will not affect your current trial period.

Cancellation and Termination

a. You may cancel your trial membership at any time during the trial period by following the cancellation instructions provided on our website. b. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your trial membership at our discretion, with or without cause, and without prior notice. c. If your trial membership is terminated or expires, you will lose access to the trial membership benefits and features.

b. To cancel  before trial expires 

  1. Login to your profile
  2. Scroll down to Membership Status
  3. If not already Selected click on subscriptions
    1. You’ll see your subscription plane name
    2. Status
    3. Start Date
    4. Expiration Date
    5. Trial End Date
    6. And Finally Actions
  4. Next to the Action section you’ll see Cancel & Abandon
  5. Click on Cancel to end your subscription auto renewal
    1. You’ll have until the Trial End date to utilize the site. After your access will be revoked.

Due to access being granted once the payment has been process no refunds will be allowed.

All sales are final, and no refund will be issued. 


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at: